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Goodnature® A24 Rodent Detector Kit

Brand: goodnature®

Product Code: PCP-RC-401-DK

$90.00 Regular price

Assess, don’t guess, where to put your A24 rat traps.

The rats gnaw on the cards and that's where you put the traps. Goodnature Rodent Detectors show you the places where rodents feel safe to eat and where they can therefore be trapped. They contain our long-life lure and when you’re setting traps around your home, bach, sheds they’re the most important tool to use in site selection.


  • Goodnature's toxin-free long-life lure
  • Scratch sensitive surface
  • Great instructions
  • 3 x Detector Cards
  • Complimentary with every A24 rat trap shipped

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