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Goodnature® A24 Smart Rodent Trap Kit

Brand: goodnature®

Product Code: PCP-RC-402-BOX

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Smart App Tracing with Smart Shroud Cap

Goodnature A24 Smart Shroud Cap sends data via Bluetooth to the App on your smartphone, recording the day, time and air temperature 24/7 each time it kills. The App will also guide you through every steps of installation, maintenance and help answer your questions. Notification will be send to your smartphone when you need to replace the lure and gas, keeping your trap to run effectively and at full functions.

Automatically kills up to 24 rats or mice with just one CO2 canister

Goodnature® A24 is a small, easy-to-install rodent kill trap, its automatic self-resetting feature enabling it to kill rats or mice repeatedly.

The weatherproof A24 trap kills rodents without toxins or electricity. Once attracted in by a long-life lure for either rats or mice, the rodent enters the trap, and a trigger causes a CO2-powered striker to instantly kill the rodent. The rodent then falls out of the trap and on the ground. The A24 trap automatically resets itself, and the process can repeat itself up to 24 times before the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced.

To maximize the performance of A24

Before we actually install A24 Trap, we should…

  1. Use rodent detector cards to locate the traps in the best locations
  2. Secure nearby food so rats don’t have easy access to other food sources
  3. Place lure pouches as pre-feeding nearby to condition the rats to look for the nut butter lure in the traps
  4. Locate the places where rats will stop and feed (location is crucial)
  5. Install adequate number of units

Be patient

A24 Trap is not built for a quick fix. The reality (actual environment) is much more complex because sometimes conventional toxins and traps may work well and sometimes they even work more quickly than A24 Trap, but Goodnature traps always out-perform over a period of time.

Please be patient when you use the detector cards on the initial setup as trap locations is crucial. It does take more time to set up Goodnature traps vs setting out conventional traps or toxins. However, once the traps are in good locations, they might be able to simply leave them for years and let them kill rats with minimal maintenance (unlike a snap trap).

Additional Monthly Service

We offer regular on-site visit to thoroughly inspect the latest rodent infestation and locate areas with active rodent activity. Your A24s will also be monitored on a monthly basis ensuring that the CO2 and bait do not run out to achieve constant control.


Benefits of Using Goodnature® A24 Rodent Trap

  • Patented self-resetting technology
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Contains no toxins
  • Only kills targeted pest– rodents humanely
  • Multi-award winning design
  • New Zealand designed and made

Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor Use

Outdoor and indoor use

U-shape Warning & Protective Board (Optional Accessory)

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General FAQs

I already know I have rats. Why should I use the detector cards?

Where you see rats is not always the best place to trap them. RODENT DETECTOR CARDS will show you the best place to put your A24 traps, i.e. places where rats feel safe to eat.

Are my A24 traps a danger to cats? 

Goodnature’s long life rodent lure is not attractive to cats. The shroud entrance is also too narrow for a cat to fit its head into, and the trap is installed 12cm off the ground to further prevent a cat interrogating the trap.

How do I know how much CO2 is left in the canister?

You can’t tell how much remains. You must change the gas canister every 6 months regardless of how many kills you’ve sighted or counted on your Counter.

Can I shift the traps when they are Live?

No. You must de-gas and then de-pressurise the trap before shifting. Although the COВ CANISTER has been removed the trap may still be live (pressurised) with one charge remaining in its chamber. To DE-PRESSURISE the trap, firstly remove the SHROUD CAP, unscrew the LURE BOTTLE, and fire the remaining charge in the trap by reaching a stick down through the LURE BOTTLE CRADLE and pushing the LEAF TRIGGER (i.e. the steel wand) sideways. The striker will discharge with a bang. Always treat the trap as live until you have de-gassed and de-pressurised it. Always keep fingers clear of the SHROUD ENTRANCE.

I’ve had a large amount of lure drop to the ground after installing the ALP. Does that mean the ALP will run out before 6 months?

No. This can be common and doesn’t affect the longevity and efficacy of the ALP.

What’s the shelf life of the ALP?

18 months on the shelf before needing deployment.

Johnson Group is the only distributor of goodnature® in Hong Kong. 

Product Specifications

Goodnature® A24 Smart Trap Kit includes:

A24 Rodent Trap x1
Portable Trap Stand x1
Smart Shroud Cap (with CR2477 battery) x1
C02 Gas Canister x1
Nut Butter Automatic Paste Pump 50g x1
Rodent Detector Cards x3
Trap Mount with Screws x1
Quick Start Guide x1


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