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FurnitureClinic® Suede & NuBuck Protector

Brand: FurnitureClinic

Product Code: JP-FC-005

$130.00 Regular price

Everything you need to protect for your Suede & NuBuck leather

  • Powerful protection without damaging the look & feel of your Suede or NuBuck.
  • Quick & easy to use with excellent results.

Suitable For

The Suede & NuBuck Protector can be used on all items of Suede & NuBuck such as handbags, clothing and footwear. The protector is designed to work effectively on even the most delicate and natural of Suede & NuBuck items and is used on a regular basis within our Handbag Spa with excellent results.

Work Best With Suede & NuBuck Cleaner


  • After cleaning the surfaces thoroughly with our Suede & NuBuck Cleaner. Let dry.
  • Once dry, brush the surface in one direction using the Suede Brush. Apply the Suede & NuBuck Protector.
  • Shake the bottle of Protector well and spray onto the Suede/NuBuck so the surface becomes wet. Allow to dry.
  • Re-apply once every three months if the item is used daily, twice a year otherwise.

Coverage & Shelf Life

  • One Protector is enough to protect an average size handbag three times.
  • The protector should be stored in a cool dry place and has an effective shelf life of many years.

Made in UK

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