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AutoBot VX PRO Handheld Home and Car Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: Autobot

Product Code: CM-VC-205

$629.00 Regular price $799.00

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There are not a lot of choices when it comes to handheld vacuums, as most of them only provide similar level of suction power. The AutoBox VX PRO, however, has been innovative in its design. The FLIPCOVER system allows user to simply press one button to empty the dust collection compartment.

The all-new motor and blade combined design, enables the vacuum to have2 levels of suction power:  1st gear at 10000pa, and maximum power at 16000 pa, with the help of HEPA filter and a stainless steel air filter, no dust and contaminant can escape. Once fully charge, it can operate for 20 minutes straight, which is enough for any encounters in households, offices or vehicles.

Product Features

  • Delicate appearance, matte finish, providing best grip
  • 2-in-1 suction nozzle design, can be fold for storage
  • Compact but powerful, great for household or vehicle use
  • New FLIPCOVER design, one button to empty the dust compartment, easy and clean
  • 1 year warranty (keep the receipt to claim)

To get the best out of the Autobot VX Pro, you may purchase the Autobot Extension Kit for cleaning floor, fabrics and narrow crevices. 

Product Specification

Dimensions: W69.5 x L57.5 x H315 mm
Material: Plastic, stainless steel air filter
Filtering System: HEPA 11
Power: 60W/120W
Suction Force: 10000pa/ 16000pa
Operation Time: Approx. 15 - 20 minutes (continuous)
Charging: Type-C
Net Weight: 530g

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