AURO #660 Mircrowave & Oven Cleaner

Brand: AURO

Product Code: GP-NC-014

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AURO Microwave & Oven Cleaner(No harmful chemicals. Contains only natural ingredients)

Use Green Products if traditional toxic chemicals is your concern

Benefits of using AURO Microwave & Oven Cleaner

  • The safest way to clean microwave/oven. 
  • Effortlessly remove burnt-in residues, even the strongest crustations
  • Food safe cleanness
  • 100% natural ingredients GUARANTEED
  • Safe for users and the environment
  • Made in Germany

Effective & Eonomical

Even strongest crustations and burnt-in residues are effortlessly removed. Provides for food safe cleanness in ovens, microwave ovens, grills and on hot plates.


How to Use

Spray onto the soiled, cooled off surface from a 20 cm distance. Spare the ventilator opening of circulating air ovens. If necessary, distribute evenly with a wet sponge. Let react for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight, then wipe thoroughly with a wet sponge. If some stubborn soiling remain, the application should be repeated.


500 ml / bottle

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