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AURO #651 Kitchen Degreaser

Brand: AURO

Product Code: GP-NC-003

$310.00 Regular price

AURO Kitchen Degreaser

(No harmful chemicals. Contains only natural ingredients)

Use Green Products if traditional toxic chemicals is your concern

Benefits of using AURO Kitchen Degreaser

  • 100% natural ingredients GUARANTEED
  • Effective, gentle to surfaces
  • Gentle to skin
  • Food safe cleanness
  • Safe for users and the environment
  • Made in Germany

No more greasy films and odor in kitchen

Effectively removes greasy films or sediments on ovens, exhaust hoods, work surfaces, unpleasant odours are eliminated. No harmful chemicals are used. Contains only natural ingredients.

How to Use

Spray undiluted over the surface to be cleaned. Cover surface evenly with the product, using a damp cloth or sponge. Allow this to take effect and then, again with a damp cloth or sponge, work into the surface. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.



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