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AURO #412 Mould Eliminator

Brand: AURO

Product Code: GP-NC-010

$248.00 Regular price

AURO #412 Mould Eliminator

(No harmful chemicals. Contains only natural ingredients)

Use Green Products if traditional toxic chemicals is your concern

Benefits of using AURO Mould Eliminator

  • 100% natural ingredients guaranteed
  • the safest way to prevent mould growth with long-term effect
  • ph neutral, solvent- and chlorine-free, non-caustic
  • disinfecting effect
  • gentle to skin
  • safe for users and the environment
  • made in germany

beware of mould and fungal spores. the dark stains are not only a visual nuisance: they may also cause damage to the structure of buildings and cause serious health problems.

How to use

  • Spray infested surfaces uniformly and allow to react for at least one hour. Afterwards use a soft brush or sponge or cloth.
  • We recommend a subsequent treatment with AURO Mould stop No. 413 and preventive coatings with AURO Anti-mould paint No. 327 for walls.



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