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10 Frying Pan JIU M (Yamagata Beech Handle)

Product Code: LS-KC-001

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Tent design team from Japan consists of two designers Ryosaku Aoki and Masayuki Haruta. The Fujita Metal Corporation accumulated experience from 70 years, combining with the innovation from Tent, created the minimalist design pan, meshing the idea of “cooking” and “eating”. 

Product Feature

The Frying Pan JIU is a simple combination with wooden handle and iron plate. Slide the handle onto the mount of the pan, the handle can be attached in any angle you want, simple use your thumb the detach it once again to turn it into a plate.

The iron pan was not colored, not only can you use the pan directly as a plate to keep the warmth of food, you can also use it to save other plates. Wash it with water after the meal, it is very convenient for people who do not like to do the dishes.


*The product underwent spark eroding (seasoning), therefore the surface of the pan could have some burning marks or spots, which does not affect performance. The packaging could have some maintenance oil residue, pay attention to not to stain clothes and hands.

Product Specifications

  • Pan Size25.5 x 4.2cm / Handle Size19 x 3.5cm
  • Material: iron, natural beech wood from Yamagata
  • Origin of Manufacturer: Japan
  • Pan Weight: 780g/ Handle Weight: 195

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