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【Skincare & Beauty】Explore Your Healthy Beauty From Within

We believe that true beauty, is built from within. And effective beauty and skincare products should focus on wellness and health first.

Therefore, GreenSTORE provides you a series of skincare appliances with a emphasis on improving general health and wellness. From cleansing, massaging and absorbing essences. Shop here for all kinds of beauty related products. Healthy beauty, is the key to eternal beauty.

Explore GreenSTORE's Skincare & Beauty Series



Scilla Rose Crystal Massage Roller and Gua Sha Series


Authentic crystals mainly used for reliving negative energy mentally, helps activating blood circulation too. It is used for clearing thoughts, and easing stress. Apart from wearing it as jewelries, it had also been used for beauty and skincare from the ancient times too. Scilla Rose's Roller can activate the lymph and blood flow, best for easing edema, eye bags or wrinkles. The Gua Sha tool provides a chilling touch, activate the collagens in our skin. It helps your skin absorb the skincare substances better, easing allergic reactions and inflammation as well.

  • Authentic crystals selected from Brazil
  • Delicately made, smooth crystal
  • Silicone internal bushings to reduce noise whiling using
  • Handle made with Jade
  • Unique patterns and coloring on authentic crystal

 Pimple's Nemesis



Pimples are often caused by inflammation and infections in the pores.

Use the JUJY Visual Cold and Hot Compress Blackhead Machine to clear the pore first. It is equipped with a high resolution camera so that you can identify the blackheads easily. The JUJY Plasma Acne Treatment Device helps eliminating the bacteria afterwards, so as to improve the health of your facial skin.


The Ultimate Hi-tech Facial Machines



To truly absorb the essences of skincare products, cleanse the facial skin beforehand thoroughly, and use hi-tech methods to help guide the essences into your skin, so as to maximize the effectiveness. Make use of following facial machines to cleanse and treat your skin.





Deep Massage for Better Health

Stubborn fat is not stubborn anymore, as the well-known Japanese skincare brand has released the Fat Burner & Slimming Beauty Device. A 500kHz ultrasonic wave to shatter the fat in our body, and excrete them afterwards. With the EMS and RF frequency to activate the skin from deep within, it also helps with smoothing wrinkles and tighten up your skin. The red and blue light treatment can then remove the bacteria and enhance circulation of the skin. Apart from fat burning, the devices also comes with a unique ‘breast mode’ for tightening up your muscles around the chest area.

  • Ultrasonic, EMS, RF and massage 4 in 1 to expel fat and exercise the muscles
  • Red and blue light treatment to activate the skin, helps with wrinkles
  • Enhance the absorption of essences, comes with JUJY Exclusive Skincare Gel
  • IPX7 water resistance, suitable and safe for using in bathroom

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