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Our Honey Bee Rescue Mission - Unlocking Giant Beehives Found Inside Shipping Containers

Our Honey Bee Rescue Mission -
Unlocking Giant Beehives Found Inside Shipping Containers

Save Local Bees Rescuers, assemble! Johnson Group has recently teamed up with our local beekeeper to embark on another bee-saving journey at Kerry Logistics's Product Customization and Consolidation Centre (PC³) in Tai Po Industrial Estate.

The mission was extremely challenging as the discovered beehive is not only a colony that has been inhabited for over a year, with a total of seven honeycombs, but it is also hidden within a large wooden container. We are even seeking help from company staff and using an electric forklift to kickstart this meaningful mission!

Curious about what happened during this bee-saving mission? Watch our YouTube video to find out more!

Special thanks to our client, Kerry Logistics, for supporting the Save Local Bees Conservation Program! A simple decision you make could significantly help save countless little lives. Stay tuned for our next mission!

Our Bee Rescue Mission

Save Local Bees Conservation Program

Interesting FunBee Facts

When flowers bloom, it signifies the season of honeybees pollinating. Our lovely bees work tirelessly throughout the year, pollinating flowers and collecting nectar to produce the sweet honey we enjoy every day!

However, honey is not an unlimited resource. Are you curious about when local honey is ready for harvest? Do you want to learn how different flavors of honey are produced based on the types of flowers and nectar? Visit our Instagram & let FunBee share more with you!

Save Local Bees Series features four-season harvested Multifloral Honey, Lychee/Longan Honey, and seasonal Ivy Tree Winter Honey. These bottles of honey are made by small bees rescued through the Save Local Bees Conservation Program and produced by local beekeepers. They are 100% locally sourced and made in Hong Kong.

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