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【Natural Cleaning】 Dr. Clean The Bio-cleaning Expert

Humid weather not only make the clothes difficult to dry after washing, but might also causes odour to occur which you need to wash again. It wastes time and resources.

Local brand Dr. Clean has came up with a multi-functional Concentrated Cleaning and Laundry Tablets. It makes use of German bio-enzyme to dissolve the stains on clothes, as well as to kill the bacteria and viruses. The product is all-natural with no chemical residue will be left behind. It is compatible with sensitive skin, and the Infant Formula specifically protects the skin of babies too. Apart from laundry, the tablets can be dissolved into water and be used for general cleaning. It is exceptionally well in dissolve grease stains!



  • Unique German bio-enzyme and water formula, SGS certified
  • pH neutral 7.8, do not hurt skin, machine washable, hand washable
  • High concentration formula, no softener needed
  • No chemical residues, no brightener, no heavy metals, no heavy metal substances
  • Anti-mould, anti-bacterial, no sour odour in humid weather
  • Wash clothes and washing machine at same time

Dr. Clean Concentrated Cleaning and Laundry Tablets – Family Pack (30 pcs)

Purchase Now $59 (30pcs)


Dr. Clean Concentrated Cleaning and Laundry Tablets – Family Pack (30 pcs)

The unique infant formula is great at removing odour. It is pH neutral, with no stimulative substances, no brightener, no heavy metal substances. Protect babies’ skin, and reduce the chance of encountering allergens.

Purchase Now $68 (40pcs)



1. How to properly use the tablets?

Washing Machines: Pick laundry tablets by dry hand, put them in the laundry tub or detergent box, and select the normal/quick preset procedures.

Hand Washing: Pick laundry tablets by dry hand, dissolve them into water for washing, rinse the clothes 2 times with water afterwards.

2. How much of the tablet should I use?

Suggested usage: 1 tablet for 3kg of clothes, 2 tablets for 6kg, and so on.

3. Which tablet should be used for sensitive skin or eczema?

The Infant Formula, which is more mellow with no stimulating substance.

4. No sour odour even in humid or rainy weather?

Yes! The tablets does not contain any chemical substance that will cause residues, thus no odour will occur.

5. What do I need to pay attention to when I am using the tablets?

The tablets will dissolve immediately once they have contact with water, pick them by dry hands before use.

6.The quick washing mode of washing machines only last for around 20 minutes, is it enough for thorough washing?

Sure, the tablet with high condensation enables deep cleaning, it does not take long for the enzyme to work well, which saves water and energy for you.

7. Does the tablet clean the washing machines while washing clothes?

Yes, it is recommended to use the tablets repeatedly. The cylinder and rubber gaskets will look clean after several use.

8. Do we need softener when using the tablets?

No softener needed, as the unique formular can ensure that your clothes are well-protected.

9. How to use the tablets for general cleaning?

General Cleaning: Pick 1/4 laundry tablets by dry hand, dissolve it into 500mL of water, use with a cleaning cloth.

Cleaning glasses, toilets or floor: Pick 1/2 laundry tablets by dry hand, put it into a bucket to dissolve into water. Mop or cleaning with cleaning rugs.

10. It is safe to use at home when there are pets or children?

Sure, the tablets do not contain any toxic substance, and it is pH neutral. It is safe for children or pets to have direct contact with the tablets as it is made of natural ingredients. No need to rinse after cleaning.



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