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【Flying Pests】The Start of Fall is Another Peak Season for Mosquitoes!

Beware of Another Mosquitoes Peak Season!

Although October is considered the start of Autumn, Hong Kong is still very hot and humid due to the subtropics characteristics, which is suitable for mosquitoes and flies to breed. Therefore we need to be aware, take preventive measures before outdoor activities, to avoid diseases like dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis transmitted by mosquitoes.

GreenSTORE's Summer Mosquito Repellent Pack combines the Picaridin and natural repellents, giving you 2-layer protection. It is available now for 20% off!

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Summer Mosquito Repellent Pack

PSA SKIN2P™ Insect Repellent (Icaridin) (30mL)X 1 bottle

Contains 20% icaridin (picaridin), recommended by WHO & American Academy of Pediatrics. DEET-free, can last for 8 hours and suitable for pregnant women and children over the age of 4 months.

SmellGREEN® Natural Insect Repellent (100mL) X 1 bottle

Contains geraniol and cedarwood oil, 100% Plant-based. DEET-free, non-carcinogenic and suitable for pregnant women and kids over the age of 4 months.

It produces a mellow citrus scent, which is effective against not only mosquitoes, but other flying insects such as flies, head lice, ants, bed bugs and gnats.

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PSA SKIN2P™ Insect Repellent (Icaridin) Is Now 30% Off!

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