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Epidemic Situation is Volatile Pay More Attention than Visit

😷 Epidemic Situation is Volatile Pay More Attention than Visit

Chinese New Year is almost here! If you are going to pay a new year call, inviting friends and family for dinner or stay over, or even if you are on a vacation, you will have to pay attention to keep clean and safe as it’s an influenza season to protect you and your family.

When dealing with bacteria & viruses, we have to be very careful. Other than hygiene awareness, you will also need a natural, effective, and reliable disinfectant. SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray is 100% natural, including thymol, safe to use on kids or pets, effective against 99.99% of bacteria & viruses.

40mlHandy Disinfection The Perfect Solution 🛫

A set of 4 disinfectant, using a key chain design,
can be added to backpack, attached to handbag.
Easy to carry, perfect for daily use, spray anywhere, anytime.
100% natural, and you can finally say goodbye to bacteria & viruses.

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200mlDaily Operation Requires Daily Disinfection 

200ml package with nozzles, disinfection with only 1 bottle.
Space or items disinfection can be convenient,
the best for daily household usage, perfect for car, or office as well.

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1 Gallon】Buy More Save Big Must Have for Spring Cleaning 🧹

1 Gallon package is the best choice for Spring Cleaning,
it’s 3 in 1 including disinfection, clean, and mold removal.
We are now doing a special offer! Buy More and Save More!
For every 3 gallons, you get 1 gallon FREE
Getting 5 gallons will have a FREE SafePRO® Smart Misting System
Buying 9 gallons, will have 3 EXTRA GALLONS
with SafePRO® Toilet Bowl Foam Disinfectant Dispenser

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✨ Other Discount Package ✨

Natural Cleaning + Antimicrobial Coating Set
SmellGREEN Disinfection & Cleaning
SafePRO®180 Days Self-Disinfecting Coating

Natural Disinfecting Anti-pandemic Kit
Handheld Cleaning & Space Disinfection
Infrared Human Sensor Auto Disinfection

1 Litre + SafePRO® Sanitizing Humidifier
Auto and Manual Rotating Humidifier, Disinfecting Every Corner

1 Litre/1 Gallon + SafePRO® Toilet Bowl Foam Disinfectant Dispense
Natural Disinfectant with Foam Dispenser
Bundle Up & Bubble Up

Disinfection Floor Mat + 10% Off 1 Gallon Natural Disinfectant
Disinfection, Shoes Cleaning, Sole Drying

Disinfectant Spray Mop + 10% Off 1 Gallon Natural Disinfectant
One Handed Operation, Dry & Wet Cleaning

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