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【Consumption Vouchers】<br>2nd Instalment Has Come!</br>3 Steps to Earn Up to $100 GreenSTORE Rewards


Selected items 10% offThe 2nd instalment of the Government Consumption Voucher has been distributed since 7th August! Let's shop here, or use them for professional hygiene services at GreenSTORE! Apart from cleaning, sanitizing, or pest control products, we have hand-picked a list of selected items to go on sale for 10% off


You may use the vouchers in GreenSTORE by paying via Alipay, WeChat Pay, or Tap & Go! There will be a lot of discounts and member rewards for you as well! Use the code GREEN1ST to get a 5% off for your first purchase in GreenSTORE!*

*Discount applicable for regular-priced products only



Let's Try Out Johnson Group's Cleaning Services for FREE!

8 of Johnson Group's Cleaning Services are now available on GreenSTORE, ranging from home sanitization, cleaning to protective anti-microbial coatings! Make your order via GreenSTORE now, we will contact you within 2 working days to finalize the schedule.

GreenSTORE Payment for Other Johnson Group Services

Clients can use the Government Consumption Vouchers via Alipay, WeChat Pay and Tap & Go for other Johnson Group's Services via GreenSTORE's payment. Please make your appointments or enquiries by calling 2481 3988 or email enquiry@johnson-group.com.hk 

Try professional Green Pest Control or Green Cleaning & Sanitization Services for free now! Our team of specialists will come up with a tailor-made plan for any of your hygiene problems!

Learn More About Johnson Group's Services


3 Steps to Earn Up to $100 GreenSTORE Rewards

1. Register as Member, Sign Up for Rewards

On GreenSTORE, you will earn 1 point for every HKD$1 spent in your purchase, excluding the delivery fee. You can save up these points and redeem for rewards in the form of coupon codes for your next purchase.

New member will earn 500 points upon registration, sign up now!

2. First Purchase 5% Off

Apart from points redeeming program, you will enjoy a 5% Off on GreenSTORE for your first purchase by entering the code GREEN1ST*!

Shop and use code GREEN1ST now!

*Discount applicable for regular-priced products only

3. Friends Referral Program

Thinking your friends might like some of the items here at GreenSTORE? Share with friends to earn unlimited rewards together! Send them an personalized invitation link, so that they can enjoy a $50 off their order! Once they made purchases via your invitation link, you will receive a $50 off coupon code as well!

There are no upper limits for our Friends Referral Program, which means you can earn more by referring more friends to GreenSTORE! Refer Friends NOW!

But Wait, There's More! Give Us Your Feedbacks After Purchases to Earn $20 More!

The GreenSTORE Customer Feedback Service is now online, scroll down to the bottom of the product page, you can rate the product and leave your comments!

From now on leave your comments and rating in GreenSTORE to earn a $20 voucher for your next purchase! You will earn the voucher code through our email!

Review to Earn The Cash Reward Now!

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