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Allerpet® Pet Dander Remover - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Allerpet®?

Since 1988, the Allerpet Company has been helping people with allergies live more comfortable, enjoyable and symptom-free lives. Allerpet was the world’s first product of its kind to help pet-allergic individuals live comfortably with their pets rather than give them up for adoption due to allergic reactions.

2. What are the benefits of using Allerpet®?

The Allerpet® Dander Remover is a science-reseach level cleaning product, 1 bottle with the functionality of anti-allergy, dander removal, cleansing, odour removal, moisturizing and skin repair. Wiping instead of bathing and showering, it is suitable for pets who do not like being rinsed, or those who have skin issues.

3. What does Allerpet® consist of?

Allerpet® is a wipe-type skin cleansing and health care product. The ingredients include a lot of plant extracts, which gently remove allergens, repair the skin and hair, clean and sanitize, provide hair and skin nutrition and complex nutrients. So that the hair and skin can be moisturized and taken care of.

4. What is the difference between the 3 versions of Allerpet®?

Cats, dogs and other animals have different skin characteristics including the cleaning habits, allergens in danders, the stickiness of the danders etc. It requires different proportion to best suit all of their needs, that’s why they all have their specific Allerpet®.

5. Where should I apply the Allerpet®?

The pet allergic proteins mainly come from their sebaceous glands and saliva. They exist in the dander, hair and urine. Allerpet® can be used to cleanse the whole body of pets, if the pet like to clean itself by licking, you can use the product more frequently on the body parts where it always leaves saliva at.

6. What if the pet accidentally ingested the product by licking?

Allerpet® is non-toxic, without any added frangrance, alcohol, tannin etc. It has been certified as food grade, safe for kittens, puppies or larger pets too. The toxicity test was done body parts like oral, eyes and skin by independent testing laboratories. With the reseach, as well as the 30 years of reputation, safety can be assured.

7. How long does 1 bottle of Allerpet® last?

Depends on the size of your pet, usually 1-2 times per week is sufficient, with this routine 1 bottle can last for up to 2 months.

8. How long does it take for us to see the effectiveness of Allerpet®?

According to researches, applying the product routinely for 2 weeks, the Fel d1 allergic protein on cat’s fur can be reduced by 50%. Allergic reactions differ by person, but use the Allerpet® routinely, maintain good environmental hygiene, adjust your rest time, diet, exercise and manage your stress, will definitely help with the effectiveness too.

9. How does Allerpet® work?

Allerpet® passed the ELISA and RAST tests, according to the research results, Allerpet® can surround the allergic proteins (e.g. Fel d1 and Can f1 of dogs) , so that you can wipe them away afterwards, which is considered a physical means.

10. Any data to support the effectiveness?

Study was carried out from April 1985 to June 1988, with 160 participants, approximately 80%-85% of them stated that they improved their allergic reactions at home.

A study was completed in the summer of 1994 with an abstract of it being presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology in New York in February of 1995. The study showed that Allerpet decreased the fel d 1 in carpet dust by 50% with just two weekly uses. This study was sponsored by Bayer AG of Leverkusen, Germany, manufacturer of Bayer aspirin, and was performed at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. You can read more about this study here.

11. Why is Allerpet® different than other pets dry cleaning products?

Conventional dry cleaning product only provides convenience. The dry cleaning powder can possibly leave residue, the bubble could be sticky with the surfactant which could damage the skin of pets and unbalance the pH. It could cause residues in pets’ hair, problem with licking and the skin allergies. The mild formula of Allerpet® does not contains surfactant, so that you can use it all the time. Allerpet® not only can clean and protect, but also combat against allergies for both pets and human, which surpass any other cleansing products.

12. Why not just rinse with water instead?

When you rinse your face with plain water, have you even felt that your facial skin will get tight and dry afterwards? It was because the water was drying out quickly by transpiration effects. Same for bathing an animal. It will frequently dry out the skin and fur, and leaving more dander, scale and allergens than originally existed without good moisturization.

13. Why does Allerpet® bubble?

It is because the product contains aloe vera extracts, which will cause bubbling.

14. Should I use Allerpet® for damaged or infected skin?

Allerpet® is a anti-allergy cleansing product, if the pet have little cuts on their skin because of scratching, you can still use the Allerpet®. However, it is recommended to check on the wound before you apply Allerpet®. If there is other infections and inflammations, please consult a vet asap.

15. Should I stop using Allerpet® once the allergies are gone?

By reducing the amount of allergens in pets’ dander, the risk of being allergic to your pets will greatly reduce too. The allergic protein from secretion will not go away because it is a part of nature. Once stop using Allerpet® for a week, the level of allergens will go back to the original. Use Allerpet® routinely, diminish the amount of allergens little by little.

16. My cat won’t let me apply the Allerpet® properly, what should I do?

This is a common sight for cat owners. Feline is a very sensitive species, and every cat has a different personality. Some might be compliant, some might just freak out. The product comes with a cat-friendly user manual, you can find that as a reference.

17. Do I need Allerpet® if I am not allergic to my pets?

It is always best to take preventive measures, and anti-allergy is the basis of having a great human-pet relationship. Your pets need proper cleaning and caring, which is a go-to for improving the health of your pets.

18. Can Allerpet® be applied with a pump sprayer?

Not recommended, as it is essential to cleanse the cats and dogs down to the skin. Using a sprayer will apply Allerpet only topically. It is highly recommended to use a microfiber cloth or washcloth as a vehicle, not only to wet and cleanse the animal, but as the medium to carry away the allergens from the skin and fur.

19. Why Allerpet®is only recommended for pets over 10 weeks old?

We follow the professional suggestions by vets, that pets too young should not be cleaned, not even showering, bathing or deworming. Although the Allerpet® is safe for pets, for the healthy growth, it is still recommended to use Allerpet® on pets over 10 weeks old only.

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