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Air Conditioner Cleaning & Disinfecting Service

Solely cleaning the filter is not enough to prevent allergy attack and infection of diseases. The weather is getting more humid and warm. Mould would not only grows on the air-con surface, but also in the deeper part of the machine. Bacteria and viruses can still remain on the filter, body, or air grille. Once the air conditioner is turned on, they will spread by floating in the air.

To tackle allergy and infection of diseases, Johnson Group starts with the root causes. From the cover of your air conditioner to air grille, swing blade and cooling fins, our team will thoroughly take each parts off and perform a professional cleaning as well as disinfection.

Service Features

  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner removes mould, particles & allergens that trigger IgE from front grille, filter, indoor coils & fan blower.
  • AerisGuard™ Coil Cleaner (Neutral Enzymes) cleans indoor coils, vents and fan blower to remove biofilm layers, bacteria, fungi, & moulds.
  • Karcher® Professional Steam Cleaner steams clean indoor coils & fan blower, remove odours & dirt, increase air flow & save energy.
  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray (U.S. EPA Reg. 87742-1 & Health – Canada DIN 02390035) cleans and disinfects front grille, filter & fan blower.
  • AerisGuard™ Anti-bacterial Coat for indoor coils to inhibit the growth of bacteria & mould.

A/C needs to be cleaned and sanitized at least once per year so as to maintain its performance and hygiene condition.

Service Results

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • Enzymes based cleaner, pH neutral, non-corrosive, safe to humans and the environment
  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant was registered at US EPA, kill coronavirus effectively.
  • US EPA approved anti-bacterial coat offers up to 12 months protection
  • Immediately restore efficiency, reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan of the air conditioner
  • This service is environmental-friendly, baby-friendly and allergy-friendly

We use SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant in deep cleaning and space disinfection services, which consist of plant extracts and essential oil. It can eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi in three minutes. It contains thymol, which was registered at US EPA and Health Canada, the disinfectant is tested and proven effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses. The disinfectant would not leave any stain on objects or skins. It is biodegradable, and satisfies stringent food security requirements. Safe to human and pets.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

US EPA lists out products* that can be used against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is qualified for the Emerging Viral Pathogens Claim and meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2. SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is a broad spectrum, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant made from a proprietary formulation of plant extracts. For hands & surfaces disinfection use. * Message extracted from United States Environmental Protection Agency: List N updated on March 2020

Product Applications Disclaimer - The disinfectant can only be applied on skin and object surfaces for killing bacteria and viruses - The disinfectant is not a kind of medicine, which cannot be taken orally - The disinfectant does not have the curing function against bacteria, viruses or any disease in human body

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