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Yohome Multi-functional Cooking Pot (Pre-order)

Brand: YoHome

Product Code: LS-KC-037

$599.00 Regular price

While cooking at home and coming up with new recipes, it often for us to find out that we do not have one specific kitchenware to get it done. We would have to either purchase one immediately, or simply use other replacements which hardly is suitable for the task. Japanese brand Yohome specifies in developing household appliances, had came up with a series of multi-function cooking device. And the Multi-functional Cooking Pot is one of their best ideas yet, which is capable of cooking, frying and braising etc. Its smart design makes it easier to store as well. With the 1000W advanced induction heating components, the heat will be present whenever you see fit, with a better distribution as well. It can be used with other utensils as well. It is best for cooking for yourself, or cooking others.

Product Features

  • Detachable pot, easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Food grade non-stick coating on the pot, safe and convenient
  • 1000W fast heating induction, thorough and immediate heating
  • Multi-purpose, cooking, frying, braising, it can do it all
  • Adjustable temperature, easy to change settings

Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  • Do not block the steam valve, it might affect the functionalityDo not rinse the main heating unit directly
  • Please store the unit in a dry and ventilated space
  • The heating unit and the frying pan could have surplus heat after use, please wait for it to fully cool down before touching
  • Stay away from other heat sources such as kitchen stoves to prevent over-heating
  • Please place it at where babies or children cannot reach
  • Please do not heat the aluminium pot directly with open flame
  • First time using the pot, you may add 10:1 vinegar into the pot and boil it for 10 minutes to sanitize the surface
  • Please pay attention at the liquid level at all times to prevent leakage or overheating by drying up
  • Before pouring out liquid from the pot after use, please make sure to unplug the pot and wait until it is fully cooled down
  • When in use, make sure there is nothing between the pot and the heating unit
  • Simply wipe the pot dry after cleaning, do not use corrosive cleaner to clean
    If the aluminium pot has been damaged, please stop using it

Product Specifications

Size: H240mm x L240mm x W130mm
Color: Blue
Power: 1000W
Capacity: 3L
Material: Aluminium alloy, PBT, ABS
Accessories: Heating Unit, Pot, Frying Pan, User Manual

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