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Yohome Mini Instant Heating Non-Stick Pot (Pre-order)

Brand: YoHome

Product Code: LS-KC-036

$259.00 Regular price

Yohome is a Japanese brand specifies in compact household appliances. The Mini Instant Heating Non-stick Pot is one of their finest introduction for cooking appliances. With the ceramic non-stick coating and the big pot body, it is very easy to clean and maintain. The pot volume is 1.5L, but it can be instantly heat up, and you can switch between High and Low heating very easily. Whether cooking or making soups, this pot can be your best assistant.

Product Feature

  • Japanese comfort food design, instant heating, instant eating
  • Ceramic non-stick coating, easy to clean and maintain
  • Two settings of heat level, easy to operate, instant heat up
  • Circular heating for better distribution

Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  • Do not rinse/soak the main heating unit directly
  • Please use wooden ladles to prevent damaging the non-stick coating
  • Do not block the steam valve, it might affect the functionality or causes injuries
  • Please store the product in dry and ventilated places
  • Please place it at where babies or children cannot reach
  • Please pay attention at the liquid level at all times to prevent leakage or overheating by drying up
  • Before pouring out liquid from the pot after use, please make sure to unplug the pot and wait until it is fully cooled down
  • Simply wipe the pot dry after cleaning, do not use corrosive cleaner to clean

Product Specifications

Dimensions: L369xW202xH136mm
Power: 600W
Capacity: 1.5L
Accessories: Pot, User Manual, Adapting Plug

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