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Yohome Hot and Cold Vibration Massager (Pre-order)

Brand: YoHome

Product Code: PC-BE-011

$659.00 Regular price

Hot and cold compress and massage all in one! Japanese brand Yohome specifies in compact household appliances. The all-new Hot and Cold Vibration Massager can fulfill your needs in beauty, keeping fit and recovery. The cold compress is great for easing edema, while the hot compress is suitable for enhancing absorption of skincare essences. The 5000-8000 rpm massage can enhance blood circulation, great for eliminating muscle fatigue.

Cold Mode: Adjustable 10/13/16°C

Hot Mode: Adjustable 36/39/42°C

Product Features

  • 3 functions in 1, cold and hot compress with high speed vibration, great for face and shoulder
  • Cold compress for treating edema and tightening skin
  • Hot compress eliminate fatigue and enhance blood flow
  • Intensity and temperature can be adjusted with 4 buttons
  • Curvy design for better fit on face skin around the eyes
  • Double-end design, combining hot and cold compress with massage

Safety Instructions

  1. Do not charge and use at the same time, and keep the product dry while charging.
  2. Do not dissemble the product yourself, and keep it away children.
  3. Do not use/store the product in high heat situations.
  4. For user with sensitive skin, please try to use the product for a short period of time first.
  5. If there are wounds on your skin, please do not use the product.
  6. Please stop using the product if any discomfort occurs, this is not a medical device.

Product Specifications

Size: 59mm*277.9mm*128.8mm

Color: White

Material: ABS、Aluminium Alloy

Charging Time: Around 5 hours

Operation Time: Up to 3 hours (Vibration mode only)

Accessories: Massager, Charging Cable, Soft Case, User Manual

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