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Yohome Folding Humidifier Fan - 7 blades Upgraded Version (Pre-order)

Brand: YoHome

Product Code: ED-FN-001-W

$269.00 Regular price

Yohome is a Japanese brand which specifies in compact household electronic appliances. The Folding Humidifier Fan is one of their latest additions. The fan can be folded into a 12.5cm tall little box, and expanded into an 86cm tall fan. With the huge battery capacity, it is able to continuously operate for up to 20 hours straight without relying on a power cord. It is great for both indoor or outdoor use. With the 285ml water tank, it can produce moisture misting for up to 11 hours, so that you can enjoy a cool breeze. With the quiet operation design, it is best for camping or picnics in a hot summer.

Product Feature

  • Upgraded version with 7 blades, stabler and more quiet
  • Stabilized 140°automatic swinging
  • Combination of fan and humidifier, with 285ml capacity, providing a cool breeze
  • Easy to carry around for fishing, camping or barbeques
  • 7200 mA battery, operates for up to 20 hours straight
  • With a night torch function, can light for up to 80 hours
  • With a remote control to choose from 3 gear speed

    Product Specifications

    Color Options: White, Pink
    Folded Dimensions-197 x 197 x 125mm
    Minimum Expanded Dimensions-197 x 197 x 315 mm
    Maximum Expanded Dimensions-197 x 197 x 860 mm
    Swing Angle: 140°
    Material: Aluminium alloy+ABS
    Motor Power: 5W
    Charging Time: 4.5 hr
    Working Time: 4-20 hr (defers due to different gear speed)
    Noise Level: 30-40db
    Wind Velocity: 2.3-4.0m/s (3 gear speed)
    Water Tank Capacity: 285ml(Capable of up to 11 hours of spraying)
    Night Torch Working Time: 80 hours
    Accessories: Fan×1、Remote Control×1、Charging Cable×1、User Manual×1

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