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SafePRO® ULV Fogger

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: CM-UF-809

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SafePRO® ULV Fogger is equipped with an extra powerful 1400W motor, which provides a flow rate up to 19L/hour. With the large 4 litre liquid tank, the fogger can cover a huge amount of ground. Particle size is as small as 20-50 microns, with the motor power adjustment and flow rate adjustment knobs, it can be very versatile. The unit only weights at 4.3 kg, with the should strap included, it is very suitable for being carried around, which makes it the ultimate choice for carrying out Space Disinfection.

Space Disinfection Precautions

- DO NOT use any corrosive chemical solution, alcohol disinfectant or diluted bleach

- Please make sure the human and pets have all left before starting disinfection

- Please open the windows for ventilation after disinfection, wait for 15-30 minutes before returning

14-day Replacement Guarantee

The fogging machine/sprayer sold by GreenSTORE come with a 14-day replacement guarantee for damaged products. The products that require replacement must be kept in complete packaging without any damage or scratches. Only the same model can be replaced. 

**Any damage caused by man-made error, abnormal usage against instructions in the manual, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product, the company reserves the right to the final decision.

If products need to be returned, please contact us first to make an appointment, and bring the products with the receipts to our office at TML Tower Tsuen Wan.

Product Specifications

Weight: 4.3 kg

Tank Capacity: 4L

Power: 1400 WParticles

Size: 20-50 Micron

Flow Rate: 20 – 300ml / hour

Power Cord Length: 25cm

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