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SafePRO® Domestic Mosquito Trap DM-01

Brand: SafePRO®

Product Code: PCP-IT-501

$99.00 Regular price

SafePRO® Domestic Mosquito Trap DM-01 make use of solely physical measures to help you with the mosquito control tasks. Making use of the photo-catalyst concept, combining light and wind. First, it deploys the 365nm UV light which is proven to be the most effective in attracting flies and mosquitoes. The light will be deployed in all angles, along with the slight heat, mosquitoes and flies from all places will be attracted and enter the trap themselves. Once they are in, the swirl created by the fan inside would suck them into the trap box. The air flow created by the fan will also attracts the mosquitoes and fans too.

Product Features

  • Cover up to 40 sq meters
  • 100% physical methods, no odour or noise caused
  • Hip and trendy design, good looking for decoration
  • USB powered, can be used with sockets or portable charger, good for both indoor and outdoor

Product Specifications

Product Power: 5W

Power Source: DC 5V (USB plug)

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