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rock space Universal Adjustable Desktop Phone & Tablet Stand

Brand: rock-space

Product Code: ED-EA-012

$198.00 Regular price

rock space Universal Adjustable Stand make use of a ball joint design, so that the bracket can be adjusted all-round 360°, so that you can get the most ergonomic angle out of your devices. It is compatible with phones and tablets, suitable for working, watching videos or video calling. With the 3M adhesive pad, you can mount the base onto a wall as well, so as to space desk space. The bracket comes with silicone pads, to help prevent slipping and scratching.

Product Features

  • Ball joint design, bracket able to rotate all-round
  • Phones and tablets compatible
  • Comes with 3M adhesive pads for mounting on walls
  • Anti-slip silicone pads to prevent slipping and scratching of your devices

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 50* 35*35cm
Materials: ABS + PC +Aluminium Alloys + Silicone
Color: Silver

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