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rock space Portable Laptop Metal Cooling Stand

Brand: rock-space

Product Code: ED-EA-010

$168.00 Regular price

Help you to improve your posture! Rock space Portable Laptop Metal Cooling Stand helps you to adjust your laptop’s angle so that you can sit with better posture, easing the pressure on shoulder, neck and back while working. The stand can be folded, which is easy for you to carry around. Aluminium alloy not only makes it lighter and look trendier, it also helps with cooling, so that your laptop can work more efficiently. The stand comes with silicone grips to prevent your laptop from slipping off, also it will not scratch your laptop.

Product Features

  • Making your keyboard to have a perfect 30° tilt, correcting your posture
  • Foldable design, easy to carry around
  • Aluminium alloy material helps with cooling
  • Laptop and tablet compatible

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 23.4*24*7.6cm
Materials: Aluminium Alloys + Silicone
Color: Black

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