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rock space 30W Mini PD Car Charger

Brand: rock-space

Product Code: ED-EA-009

$158.00 Regular price

rock space Mini PD Car Charger has two output (Type-C+ USB-A) with a highest total 5A output, the USB-A’s output is 3A, and it is compatible with QC and AD quick charging protocol, which is significantly faster than conventional car charger. It is able to charge up a 3650mAh battery within 2 hours. Dual outputs are independent to each other, charge 2 devices at the same time, the output will remain the same. Once over-heat, over-current or over-voltage, it will stop charging by itself, ensuring safety. There is a leather strap attached so that user can unplug it more easily.

Product Features

  • 30W quick charging, QC and PD compatible
  • Total output 5A, USB-A output 3A
  • 110 minutes to fully charge a 3650mAh phone battery
  • Output current will remain the same when charging 2 devices
  • Smart output control, automatic protection mechanism to ensure safety
  • Dual output by USB-A and Type-C

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 48*24*2.3mm
Materials: Zinc Alloys
Input Voltage: DC 12V-24V
Outputs: USB-A 3A, Type-C 2A
Total Output: Max. 30W
Weight: 25g
Color: Silver

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