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NOPPY Electric Nasal Cleaner

Brand: NOPPY

Product Code: PC-BE-017

$659.00 Regular price

NOPPY from Japan produced the Electric Nasal Cleaner, which was registered and certified as a medical device. It dispense water droplets as tiny as 13 to 17 micron, giving you the best cleansing experience and effects. This is the way of preventing nasal allergies and upper respiratory tract infection.

Nose is a filter that prevent stuff like bacteria and viruses from invading our body. It works as a air purifier when we breath in. The average volume of air an adult breath in each day is around 10,000 Litres, breathing in allergens and microorganism is inevitable.

Many people would use saline to use nasal cavity every once in a while. No only does it cleanse away contaminants from the mucosa, but also very refreshing. And using a tiny droplet size to spray the saline into the nasal cavity, can reduce the risk of damage your mucosa as well, which is safer, easier and more effective than rinsing directly.

Product Features

  • 13 – 17 micron droplets, perfect for nasal cleaning
  • Safe and does not hurt nasal cavity and mucosa
  • Certified medical device

Product Specifications

Medical Device Certification Number: 14B2X00002000041 (Japan’s General Medical Machinery)
Dimensions: 160x65x55mm
Power Feeding: USB Cable (Micro USB Port, 2.0 Compatible)
Net Weight: 200g

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