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MOKKOM Multi-functional Electric Heating Cup Upgraded Version (Pre-order)


Product Code: LS-KC-032-GG

$289.00 Regular price

GreenSTORE has just introduced the MOKKOM compact cooking appliances series, with the best value for money, innovations and versatility.

The Multi-functional Electric Heating Cup provided you an all-in-one experience while you can cook, eat and wash with the same unit. It is compact for storage, best for making quick food. The upgraded version is equipped with a tea strainer. Apart from simply heating, the Heating Cup can be used to make tea, coffee or soup. It appears to be the best tool to cook instant food, such as instant noodles or cereal. The best thing is that it operates in near-silence level, which makes it perfect for making late-night meal. The Heating Cup can be carried around as well, you can use it in hotels, or offices. With the minimalistic appearance and structure, not only good-looking, but also easy to clean and maintain. The power cord is separated, with the stainless steel interior, it is much safer and more durable.

Product Feature

  • Upgrade version features a tea constrainer
  • A combination of heater and tea cup, compact and easy to carry around
  • A 350ml heating + thermos unit, great for keeping constant temperature with user-friendly settings
  • 7 minutes express boiling, do not need to switch to other tableware once done, you can make dissert, breakfast etc. at your hotel room or office
  • Keep warmth for up to 8 hours
  • 300W power with a near silence operation level
  • Spacious and simple stainless steel interior with separated power cord, easy to clean, safe
  • Seamless 304 stainless steel interior, can be cleaned by just rinsing
  • Cooking, eating, cleaning done with one single unit

User Instructions and Safety Notifications (Details can be found in user manual)

Clean the steel interior before heating, be aware that the water level should not exceed the scale line of limit to prevent any leakage. (Rotate the cover lid clockwise to loosen the tea strainer, put the tea leaves inside and rotate the lid anti-clockwise to tighten up. You may also remove the tea strainer if you do not need it)

8 different modes will be available once turned on:

- Boiling: single press to switch between 45℃,60℃,100℃, stop for 5 seconds once selected to start heating, press and hold the Boiling button to pause.

- Cooking: single press to switch between 10mins, 40mins and 70mins, stop for 5 seconds once selected to start heating. Press and hold the Cooking button for 2 seconds to pause it.

- The unit will beep for 3 times once the session finishes.


The stainless steel interior can be washed with cleaning cloth and water, but do not use steel brush or any sharp objects for cleaning. The button, handle, and main body cannot be rinsed with water. Please wipe them with a damp cleaning cloth.
Beware of the heat coming out of the releasing valve.
Do not try to hold the Heating Cup by the top cover, as the unit is likely to slip.
Do not put the Heating Cup into a disinfecting cupboard, dishwashing machine or dryer.
Do not soak the Heating Cup into any liquids, if the main unit has been damped, please do not use or plug it in until it is dried up thoroughly.
After cooking/heating, disconnect the power cord before eating/pouring out.

Product Specifications

Color Options: Grass Green, Cardamon Green, Sakura Pink
Dimensions: 94*120*126mm
Capacity: 350ml
Power: 300W
Body Material: PP
Interior: 304 stainless steel
Power Cord Length: 140cm
Accessories: Heating Cup, Tea strainer Cover, Power Cord, User Manual

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