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MOKKOM Low Sugar Mini Rice Cooker (Pre-order)


Product Code: LS-KC-034

$599.00 Regular price

GreenSTORE has just introduced the MOKKOM compact cooking appliances series, with the best value for money, innovations and versatility.

MOKKOM Low Sugar Mini Rice Cooker could be the most compact rice cooker in the world right now! But it still pack 800ml inside which is able to make 2 bowls of rice.

Rice and other food with high carbs could really bring you high sugar level, which is alarming. The Low Sugar Mini Rice Cooker with a patented design to tackle this problem by the “cooking, filtering, steaming” trilogy. 38% of the sugar can be extracted from the cooked rice. With the Induction Heating technology, the heat can distributed more thoroughly and evenly for cooking rice and other grains. With the 304 stainless steel interior and a special no-valve design to prevent leakage, it is more durable and safer.

Product Feature

  • 800ml capacity, manage to cook 2 bowls of rice at once
  • Patented low sugar cooking design, with “cooking, filtering, steaming” trilogy, lower sugar by 38%
  • 92 filtration holes to filter starch and carbs
  • Induction heating for heating thoroughly and evenly, 25 minutes to cook rice
  • With “Rice/Congee/Sweet Soup/Noodle” 4 modes, switch by pressing one button
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel interior, durable and easy to clean
  • No valve design, prevent leakage

User Instructions (Details can be found in user manual)

Opening: Twist the cover to loosen it then take it out (There is a magnet for holding the cover together, once the cover is in the right spot, it should click and close automatically)

Cooking: The product will be turned on once plugged in, use the “Choose/Keep Warm” button to switch between modes from “Rice/Congee/Sweet Soup/Noodle”, the LED lights beside each mode will blink once selected, wait for 5 seconds to start cooking once selected the desired mode.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Do not place the cooker on towels or any fabric, unbalanced place or near the fire
  • Do not place the interior onto stoves to heat directly
  • Do not use other interiors or a broken interior, which could cause gas leakage
  • The main unit should not be soaked or rinsed under water
  • Please clean the interior with soft cloths, but do not using steel wire brushes or sharp objects
  • Clean the cover’s silicon seal before and after use, in order to keep the cover shuts properly

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 170*128*205mm
Color: Green
Capacity: 800ml
Power: 600W
Body Material: PP
Interior Material: 304 stainless steel
Power Cord Length: ~100cm
Accessories: Main unit, Interior, Sugar Filter, Steaming Basket, Measuring Cup, User Manual

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