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Kuunluun 3-in-1 Blender and Cooker (Pre-order)

Brand: Kuunluun

Product Code: LS-KC-031

$599.00 Regular price

Blending fruits and vegetable is hard enough, and meat are even more complicated while blending at home! However, Kuunluun’s 3-in-1 Blender and Cooker can do it all. With the steaming and cooking functions, you can simply blend and cook with only one button. It has a smart timer function as well. Cooking has never been easier with Kuunluun, and this is really a great deal.

Product Feature

  • Do-it-all: Steaming, Cooking and Blending 3-in-1, One button to blend and cook fruit, vegetables or meat.
  • Smart Cooking: Smart and accurate timer function
  • Make Life Easier: Blend the food thoroughly with virtually no slags
  • One button to clean: Can be cleaned with the blending and heating functions by itself
  • Easy to use: LED display with simple control knob, minimal and trendy appearance
  • Compact: Small in size, great for saving space
  • Safe: Food grade material including a silicon gas release valve, 304 stainless steel blades

User Instructions (Details can be found in user manual)

  1. Before use, please clean the components apart from the main unit
  2. Screw and mount the heating chamber onto the main unit
  3. Cut the food into little piece sized around 1.5cm, and then place them into the heating chamber
  4. Pour clear water into the heating chamber (The amount should be determined by your recipe. You may use the scale of the measuring cup for reference.)
  5. Press and hold the centre of the LED display to turn it on, select the function you are going to use. Once it finishes, there will be 3 ‘beeps’ for indication

Safety and Maintenance

  • The blades are very sharp, please handle with care
  • Make sure there is no tendons, bones, or any hard pieces inside, cut them into 1.5cm pieces before blending
  • Clean the product before and after every use
  • Apart from the main unit, other detachable parts can be washed by water directly
  • Do not apply bleach or corrosive cleaner onto the product
  • Do not use steel wire brush to clean the product, please use soft rugs
  • It is recommended to use distilled water for the product, if water stains occur, please use cleaner to soak the component every month to ensure efficiency
  • Heating unit and the Heating Chamber should always keep clean, wipe them with soft rug but not steel wire brush

Product Specifications

Color: Pearl White
Dimensions: 104*142*273mm
Voltage: 220V
Blender Power: 100W
Cooker Power: 350W
Blade Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity: 400ml
Net Weight: 1.54kg

Package Including: Main Unit*1, Power Cord*1, Heating Chamber*1, User Manual*
Accessories Including: Measuring Cup*1, Silicon Ladle*1, Cleaning Brush *1, Bowl*1

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