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JUJY Visual Cold and Hot Compress Blackhead Machine (Pre-order)

Brand: JUJY

Product Code: PC-BE-001

$559.00 Regular price

Japanese brand JUJY specifies in producing compact appliances for skincare and beauty. The Visual Cold and Hot Compress Blackhead Machine is equipped with a 5 million pixels HD camera which is capable of macro zooming. So that you can locate all the blackheads with ease. Charge for 3 hours to enjoy great durability. You can use both hot and cold temperature to loosen the blackheads, eliminate them with the suction tip and powerful 7W motor afterwards.

Standard Suction Tip: small suction power, suitable for large areas such as T-zone, etc.

Regional Suction Tip: Suction power to spread out, suitable for parts where the oval holes is not easy to fit onto

Precise Suction Tip: High suction power, aiming at relatively stubborn blackheads

Single-point Suction Tip: Specifically designed for extremely stubborn blackheads; the triangle area of the face is a sensitive area, avoid squeezing

3 level of intensity:

1st gear 58 kpa: for first timers or sensitive skin

2nd gear 60 kpa: for combination skin type

3rd gear 64 kpa: for oily skin type

Product Features

  • Wireless visualization, built-in 5 million pixels high-definition camera, 16x macro zoom, accurate blackhead removal
  • Mobile APP operated, with zoom lens, 3S mobile smart reminder, both IOS/Andorid compatible
  • Four types of suction tips correspond to different areas, so blackheads have nowhere to hide
  • Hot compress at 42℃+cold compress at 10℃, it is convenient to lead out blackheads, and it can also shrink fine pores, and take care of every step with care
  • With Blackhead Removal Mask + Pore Shrinking Mask, beauty salon level blackhead cleaning service
  • Non-invasive negative pressure technology, storm suction, no skin damage, easy removal of blackheads

Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  1. It is not recommended for patients who underwent cosmetic surgeries, sensitive skin, or pregnant women. Please consult with doctors before use
  2. Please do not rinse the main unit with water
  3. Please do not compress the same area for over 3 seconds to prevent skin swelling

Product Specifications

Dimension: H161 mm x W50.5 mm x L68.5mm

Material:ABS、PC、304 Stainless Steel

Charging Time: 3 hours

Operation Time: ≥150mins (clean mode);≥60mins (hot compress);~30mins (cold compress)

Accessories: Main Unit, Blackhead Removal film + Pore Shrinking film, User Manual, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Flannel Case, Wiping Cloth

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