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JUJY RF Eye Beauty Facial Device (Pre-order)

Brand: JUJY

Product Code: PC-BE-006

$369.00 Regular price

Japanese brand JUJY specifies in skincare and beauty appliances. The RF (Radio Frequency) Eye Beauty Facial Device was recommended by beauty experts from Japan, which combines RF, EMS stimulation, high energy shock waves stimulation and red and blue light therapy functionalities. The radio frequency can help stimulate the regeneration of eye skin cells’ collagens. The EMS helps enhance the circulation while the shock waves help absorbing the nutrients. With a 24K gold plated contact component, it provides more comfortable experience, also helps with delaying aging.

Product Features

  • 4-in-1 functionality, helps stimulate skin cells, improved, tighten skin
  • Easing fatigue of eye skin, helps circulation and absorbing nutrients
  • Components came from Japan, Korea and the US, high performance and safety
  • 20g facial gel included, help circulate the heat inside the skin, help regenerating the collagens

About the JUJY Eye Facial Gel

JUJY uses a clinically tested cold gel without any harmful ingredients, does not cause any irritation and has no side effects on the skin. The main ingredients are carbomer and glycerin, and the main effect is moisturising.

Storage Life: 2 years

Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  1. Please do not use while charging, and make sure the product is dry when charging
  2. Do not dissemble the product, and store it where children cannot reach after use
  3. Do not use the product near flammable objects or substances
  4. Do not use the product if it is damaged
  5. First timer with sensitive skin should test the product by using it in a short period of time first, progressively increase usage time
  6. If you feel pain or discomfort, please stop using the product immediately, this is not a medical device
  7. Do not should sharp objects, corrosive cleaner or volatile cleaner to clean the product
  8. Do not rinse the product directly with water

Product Specifications

Size: 121*26*15.7mm

Material: ABS/PC/24k gold plated copper

Charging Time: 3 hours

Operation Time: Blue light mode (200 mins);red light mode (100mins);red and blue light mode (60mins)

RF: 160 kHz

Accessories: Eye Beauty Facial Device x1, USB Charing Cable*1, Eye Facial Gel*1

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