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JUJY Multi-functional Beauty Wand (Pre-order)

Brand: JUJY

Product Code: PC-BE-002

$699.00 Regular price

Japanese brand JUJY specifies in producing compact appliances for skincare and beauty. The Multi-functional Beauty Wand utilize the idea behind positive and negative charged ions, with soundwaves and a ball shaped titanium heater. It is able to loosen up pores and helps cleanse the facial skin. It also helps infusing nutrients into the deep skin, so that the essence/mask can be better absorbed. With the help of the electric pulses and EMS, it can help tighten up skin. There is an Eye Mode so that you can hot compress the under-eye skin. This device is best for routine skincare and treating edema.

Product Features

  • Positive and negative Ions + cleaning + edema treatment+ hot and cold compress, with the professional eye treatment mode, provide 5-in-1 functionality
  • Vibrations with the deep infusion, open up pore for absorbing nutrients
  • EMS + electric shock wave, double up the tightening effect, exercise for your skin
  • Cold and hot compressing, best for everyday skincare routine
  • Eye Mode specific for eye hot compress treatment
  • Smart timer for 10 minutes session, beep when there is 3 minutes left
  • Treatment essence and makeup remover wipes are included

Safety and Maintenance Instructions

  1. Please do not use while charging, and make sure the product is dry when charging
  2. Do not dissemble the product, and store it where children cannot reach after use
  3. Do not use the product near flammable objects or substances
  4. Do not use the product if it is damaged
  5. First timer with sensitive skin should test the product by using it in a short period of time first, progressively increase usage time
  6. If you feel pain or discomfort, please stop using the product immediately, this is not a medical device
  7. Do not rinse the product directly with water

Product Specifications

Size: H198 x L56 x W56mm

Charge Time: Approx. 2.5-3 hours

Operation Time:Approx. 1.5 hours

Power: 5.5W

Accessories: Beauty Wand, Charging Cable, User Manual, Soft Case, Cleaning Cloth, Snap Ring, Charging Base, Skincare Essence, Makeup Remover Wipe

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