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Future Lab 8D Heating Massage Pad

Brand: FutureLab

Product Code: PC-BE-023

$349.00 Regular price $549.00

The Taiwan innovative technology company Future Lab has come up with a new relaxing appliance for busy people – the smart 8D Heating Massage Pad. It is specifically designed for easing the soreness and tightness for you!

The Future Lab 8D has 3 levels of massage patterns, and heating function, so that you can specifically massage the tight body parts. The innovative trans-shape design so you can change its shape to fit any of your body parts. One button to choose from pounding, vibrating and hybrid massage mode. It hits deep into the muscles, making them relax thoroughly, also it helps with toning up your muscles.

Massage guns making your arms sore as well? Now this is the perfect solution for you! 

Product Features

  • Heating massage, deeply relaxing for muscles
  • Multiple modes with trans-shape design, suitable for any body parts
  • Heating function great for easing the menstruation pain
  • Lightweight, only 400g, easy to carry around
  • Massaging area: calf, abs, hips, back, shoulders, neck, waist, thighs, arms
  • 15 minutes auto turn off function, great safety feature
  • 1-year warranty (keep the receipt to claim)


  1. Charge the product fully (takes 7 hours at most)
  2. Use the Velcro to tie the product onto the target body part
  3. Long press the power button to turn on/power off, short press it to switch massage mode, short press the heating button to use heating function

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the pad has built-in battery? If the battery is not working well, can we replace it by ourselves?

The pad has a built-in ion battery. The battery cannot be replaced. It usually last for around 3 years, but the lifespan might differ due to the frequency of use.

2. Can I use it while charging?

No, the product has to be used after charging.

3. What's the operation time once fully charged?

It can be used for 2 hours, but there is an auto-turn-off mechanism every 15 minutes of use.

4. Heating method?

The product uses heating wires, but not infrared.

5. Heating temperature?

Heating temperature is 55°C.

6. Any LED display showing the charging the status?

Yes, the blue LED will blink when charging, and stay on when fully charged. When in use, the LED will change position when you switch between massage modes.

7. Maximum waist size for this product?

The recommended range of use for the product is 110cm in waistline.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 57 x 16.5cm
Net Weight: 0.85kg
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Charge Time: 7 Hours
Operation Time: 2 Hours (continuous)

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