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Faitron HeatsBox Life Smart Heating Lunchbox

Brand: Faitron

Product Code: LS-KC-040-BW

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As busy as Hong Kongers, we need to take a good break in lunch time, get some good food to reward our hard work. What is better and healthier than a self-prepared meal? That’s why so many people bring their lunchbox to work. However, lunchboxes need to be heated up, and microwaves could be in huge demand. Introduce the Faitron HeatsBox Life Smart Heating Lunchbox to you. Most of the self-heating lunchboxes uses materials like lime to generate heat, which is not reusable. It is wasteful and not eco-friendly.

Heatsbox Life is not one of those one-timer. With the internal 100W heater and a patented 360 degrees heating technology, your food will be heated thoroughly. Press the power switch, the lunchbox will heat up automatically, you may enjoy your meal within 30 minutes! It is easy to clean and reusable too. With this, you can get a hot and fresh lunchbox every day.

Product Features

  • Patented multi-sided heating technology that heats the food evenly
  • Heating similar to that of an oven, no water condensation, preserves food quality
  • Simple structures, easy to clean
  • No health issues caused by microwave radiation
  • 15 minutes to enjoy your meal, convenient
  • Compact and easy to carry 
  • The heating time and temperature can be set through the mobile app
  • 1 year warranty (keep the receipt to claim)

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 225 x 180 x 74mm
Internal Dimensions: 185 x 140 x 40mm
Materials: PP, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Capacity: 850mL
Net Weight: 600g
Power: 100W
Voltage: 12-240V
Color Options: Black/White, Green/White

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