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COFO Neck Pro Massager (Pre-order)

Brand: COFO

Product Code: PC-BE-009-BK

$699.00 Regular price

Neck and shoulder pain has been the number 1 nemesis for all modern people. Staring at screens at work and at home, our neck is enduring heavier loads then we realized. Studies found out that when your head tilt forward for 45 degrees, your neck would have to endure 20kg more force. If the situation last, soreness and tightness will occur.

COFO Neck Pro is a massage device developed and made in Japan. Utilizing both TENS and EMS stimulation technology, with 42℃ graphene constant infrared heating. It mimics the hot compressing treatments from physio centres. Along with the innovative “C Frequency” waves to relax our skin and muscles, it also helps with easing fatigue with enhanced blood flow.

Product Feature

  • Compact and lightweight, use it anywhere
  • TENS+EMS+42℃ graphene constant infrared heating = real muscle relaxation
  • “C Frequency” waves with 4 different wave shape and 10 intensity level settings, find your own optimum setting
  • Silicone joints for adjustments, fits your neck perfectly
  • Full battery can last for 35 hours, massage 15 minutes per day to ease pain and fatigue
  • Silent operation, great for using during late night

Safety Instructions

  1. Do not charge and use at the same time, and keep the product dry while charging
  2. Do not dissemble the product yourself, and keep it away children
  3. Do not use/store the product in high heat situations
  4. For user with sensitive skin, please try to use the product for a short period of time first
  5. Please stop using the product if any discomfort occurs, this is not a medical device

Product Specifications

Dimensions:124 x 151 x 39mm



Operation Time: 35 hours


Accessories: Massager, Remote Control, Soft Case, USB Charging Cable(Type-C), User Manual, Hard Case, Spare Nano Contact Component

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