Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer

Brand: Brushean

Product Code: PC-BE-020

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*The Sanitizer does not include any makeup brushes, Brushean Makeup Brushes Set need to be purchased seperately.

We always stack our makeup brushes on the dressing table, however, it could be dangerous as the brushes might catch contaminants or dusts, which poses threats to our skin eventually. Brushean from the US introduced a Makeup Brush Sanitizer which can now sanitize the brushes within 5 minutes.

It is recommended by Dermatologists to clean the makeup brushes every day, but it could be very time-consuming to do it every morning. According to the research done by Brushean, actually 80% of users does not wash their brushes after use. But this practice could make contaminants accumulate in the brushes, which would cause skin problems such as infections and acnes.

Brushean now provide you a safe way to store the brushes, the cover ensure the brushes are stored in a dust-free space. The internal UV-C LED sanitizing lights and Ozone will eliminate 99.9% bacteria and viruses.

Product Features

  • Internal UV-C LED Sanitizing Light and Ozone Disinfection, eliminate 99.9% bacteria and viruses
  • Sanitize 15-20 brushes at once
  • Storing brushes in dust-free space, ensuring hygiene
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
  • 5 minutes to complete sanitization
  • 6-month warranty (keep the receipt to claim)

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 3.5 x 10 inches
Net Weight: 1.519 lbs

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