AutoBot V3 Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Brand: AutoBot

Product Code: CM-VC-203

$499.00 Regular price

Autobot V3 Portable Vacuum Cleaner has a one-piece design, which is streamlined like a bottle. The curvy appearance looks trendy, and providing a more comfortable grip.

It has a PET composite + HEPA filter dual filtration system, no contaminants will be left behind. The three 2000mAh batteries is very durable, the unit can operate for 13 minutes straight. The twin-blade motor provides a powerful suction force at 10000pa, great performance but remains silent at the same time. Great for both household or vehicle use.

Product Features

  • 100W motor, power up to 10000 pa
  • Built-in 3 2000mah power batteries, good for 13 minutes of continuous use
  • One-piece appearance, trendy and providing more grip
  • PET composite + HEPA filter dual filtration system, excellent purification effect
  • One-piece appearance design, and the curved bottle shape looks trendy and gives more grip
  • The two-in-one nozzle design is adopted, which is more convenient for storage and use
  • Equipped with sound barrier to reduce noise
  • 1 year warranty (keep the receipt to claim)

To get the best out of the Autobot V3, you may purchase the Autobot Extension Kit for cleaning floor, fabrics and narrow crevices. 


Product Specifications

Dimensions:77(D) X 326 mm
Power Feeding:DC5V-2A
Operation Time:~ 13 minutes (continuous)
Suction Power: Up tp 10000Pa
Motor Power: 100w
Dust Compartment Capacity: 100ml
Body Material: ABS、PC
Filter Material: PET
Color: Grey Black
Net Weight: 689g


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