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【Sweet Winter】Buy Save Local Bees Honey for Cold Weather!

Buy Save Local Bees Honey for Cold Weather!

Winter is always the season of nasal allergies, and it could cause discomfort in our throats, as well as dry skin and provoked stomach.

Bee honey is the best for easing such symptoms! It is great for counteract the inflammations, so as to stop coughing and excessive sputum. Honey can also help easing fatigue, strengthening immune system and enhancing activity of our digestive system. Buy Save Local Bees honey can also support the conservation of local bees and bee keeping business!

But there are options of spring and winter honey, which one should you choose?

Winter Honey (Ivy Tree)

Ivy tree flowers blossom in cooler weather, making it the source of our winter honey.

The honey stimulates detox process, which effectively soothes cold, fever and sore throat, enhancing your immunity, blood flow and metabolism.

Spring Honey (Multi-floral)

Wild honey is collected during Spring time from multi sources such as Lychee or Longan trees, providing a sweet and rich flavor.

It nourishes your throat, 'qi' & lungs, soothes oral infection and indigestion, and improves sleep quality.


Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle

Save Local Bees™ Beeswax Candle is made with high quality natural beeswax from Taiwan's local bees. Both the beeswax and the cotton thread are produced in Taiwan.

Apart from lighting up, the candle will emit a comfortable scent of bee honey. It helps purifying air indoor, creating a warm atmosphere, and reducing the feeling of humidity. The candle also has a natural essential oils lavender scent option. It is the best for embellishing your home!

The candles have small/medium rolls options, with circular/triangular shapes and original/lavender scents to choose from!


Bring Bees Back to The Nature!

Honey bees maintain the eco balance by playing the vital role of pollinators. So plants can reproduce, and human agriculture can function. Without bees, animals and human will go extinct because of the collapsed food chain.

We, as a pest control service provider, can see the living space for local honey bees has been severely threatened in our work. Therefore, Johnson Group launched the Save Local Bees conservation program from 2018, trying to lead by example, saving the bees instead of exterminating.

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How Does the Program Work?

When we receive reports of beehives, beekeepers will work with our pest specialist together to relocate the colony of bees back to the bee farm. It was to bring bees back to the environment close to nature, and produce natural honey. The honey produced will be bought back and retail at GreenSTORE, so as to keep the beekeeping business sustainable.


Stop The Harm

Prohibit the use of outdoor neuro-active pesticides (neonicotinoids) or other high-toxicity chemical that harm bees. At the same time encourage the adoption of physical approach, eco approach and low-toxicity pesticide.

Relocation and Continuation

Saving the honey bees lost in the urban area, relocate their colony to bee farms instead of exterminating them.

Promoting Local Bee Honey

Buying back and retailing the honey produced by the beekeepers who worked with us on saving bees. Revitalize the local beekeeping business and reduce carbon footprint by promoting local honey.

Endorsing Sustainability

Host talks, crossover promotions etc. to educate the general public on the correct way of dealing with bees, and the vitalness of the bees to our eco system, encouraging sustainability.

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